memory mapping

A series of hand drawings of Nottinghams city centre and Lace Market area were produced describing the urban context and ones urban choreography.

Notions of Nottingham.
A series of hand drawn cognitive diagrams of Nottingham's Lace market.
The built environment in which we operate our daily lives offers us little excitement or amusement. We orientate ourselves using landmarks around our environments to reach our pre determined goals in the shortest known routes. We live, work, learn and recreate in the same environments and our surroundings seem to fade into their wider contexts, they become blurred, hidden and undiscovered. However when we venture to an unknown area we welcome the unexpected. We suddenly become more observant; we wanderfreely and discover new areas and objects as well as the diverse materiality,dimensionality and quality that they include. These discoveries are the feats ofour exploration.

The notion of discovery was the armature of the investigation; it concerned itself with the simultaneous activities ofobservation, investigation and synthesis. The cognitive process of acquisitionand documentation of place, people and movement became the theoretical and material construct for the project. These discoveries were motivated by asomewhat critical approach to the physical and material present. Throughout theproject there was an underlying desire to create descriptive drawings, modelsand Marquettes which embodied explorations and visions within a materialworld. 

The documentation of these discoveries was theinitial focus of the project and remained some what phenomenological. Much time was spent investigating appropriate ways of combining images and objects withphysical and material experience. The juxtaposition of the static and poeticwas paramount to the observation, distillation and eventually invention of ideas. 
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