Urban Choreography

The Urban Choreography of Nottingham's Lace market.

The notion of discovery was the armature of the investigation; it concerned itself with the simultaneous activities of observation, investigation and synthesis. The cognitive process of acquisition and documentation of place, people and movement became the theoretical and material construct for the project. These discoveries were motivated by a somewhat critical approach to the physical and material present. Throughout the project there was an underlying desire to create descriptive drawings, models and Marquettes which embodied explorations and visions within a material world. The documentation of these discoveries was the initial focus of the project and remained somewhat phenomenological. Much time was spent investigating appropriate ways of combining images and objects with physical and material experience. The juxtaposition of the static and poetic was paramount to the observation, distillation and eventually invention of ideas. The project remained intensely contemporary through the early stages as it concentrated on the urban choreography and its necessity to be read.
The synergy of poetic and static led to an architectural intervention with little programmatic content other than its own presence. It had no social or political agenda; its intention was merely to reinvigorate the space which had previously gone unnoticed. This was the touchstone to the thesis project.
Unlike the architectural intervention the thesis project had much greater ambitions. It was still concerned with the notion of discovery and the synergy of the poetic and physical experience but it also had the desire to create a new social space ready to be [re]discovered. It aimed to bond clusters of the city which had become disconnected from one another.
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